Perspective Paper
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It was not until 1997 when my own 24-year marriage ruptured that the unbelievable burden of pain placed its grip upon me and made me realize the gravity of the horrendous statistics that are sweeping across our nation. Those statistics had now hit home. My home.

Because of previous struggles off and on in our marriage, I did not overly panic. Believing issues would soon again “die down” and be resolved, I purposed within myself to patiently wait, presuming time would be my friend. However, a few months passed and divorce papers were served. When that happened, I realized that I must begin to discover and follow exactly what our Heavenly Father says about marriage, divorce, and remarriage/reconciliation in His Book. Granted, I acted irresponsibly by waiting so long to delve into Scripture this deeply, but that is what I permitted to happen, none-the-less.

I had been faithful to weekly church services from the time of my salvation and had formed some rather firm views from Bible reading, pastoral care, tape ministries, radio teachers, commentaries, and Christian books, etc. As I began to assimilate the views I had come to understand, I knew all too well how wrong divorce was. Now, facing my own, I was compelled to dig even deeper into God’s Word with renewed passion to “fill in” a few questions and solidify my thoughts and heart for what would become the biggest battle, thus far, of my life.

What emerged, in part, is the “Perspective Paper” you are reading. Now you must know, I am not a pastor, have never been to seminary, and certainly, I am no theologian. As such, I do not claim to report anything close to the last word on this matter. I can assure you that many men, far more godly than I, have different views. My attempt in this paper is to report what I have come to understand. Having found myself crushed by pain beyond what I am able to express in words or text, I laid myself before our Lord as broken and humble as I had ever been. In a bit you will see what my Heavenly Father has revealed to me.